ACCEPTED willthewizardd's Staff Application

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What is your in-game name?

✦ What is your Discord tag? (i.e Creation#4637)

✦ What is your timezone?
Eastern Daylight Time

✦ How old are you?
15 years old.

✦ Do you have a working Discord mic?
Sure do.

✦ Can you speak any other languages?
Fluent in English, and bit of French.

Staff Related Questions (Minimum of 3 sentences required):

✦ Do you have any past experience with staffing? Be detailed.
Yes I do. While I have not moderated any servers on Minecraft, I have lots of experience on other games. Some of those include Garry's Mod, Roblox, and one small game called Blockland (which you likely have not heard of).

✦ What makes you stand out from other applicants?
I feel as though I have a very good amount of background experience with moderation, perhaps more than other applicants. I also am particularly good at remembering things that some staff may forget from time to time, such as: always keeping calm, always typing professionally, not being too aggressive (unless necessary), etc. Also, I notice that on other Minecraft servers, players might say something along the lines of, "That mute/kick/ban was unnecessary, you shouldn't have done that" and the staff will respond with, "Do not disrespect me", but I disagree with staff saying this. I would instead talk to the player, and try to convince him why the mute/kick/ban was necessary, instead of just dismissing it.

✦ What do you believe makes a good staff member overall?
I think that some qualities of someone who is defined as a "good staff member" include but are not limited to: being familiar with all rules, being present/active, giving players a voice and listening to their complaints (and properly dealing with them), not abusing staff powers (even just as a joke/for fun), being patient at all times, keeping calm even in the toughest situations, having fair judgement, and if criticized for whatever reason, taking the criticism maturely and reacting appropriately to it.

✦ If you were accepted, what would you struggle with as a staff member?
Being active. While I am aware that being active on the server shapes a good staff member, that would have to be my only fault, as I do have school. (More info about this in "How active can you be on ParallaxMC?")

✦ Why would you like to be staff on ParallaxMC?
I would like to be staff because it feels satisfying to help players out and fulfill their wants/needs. I also love Minecraft as a game and its various communities, and I feel as though I am good at communicating with anybody. Plus, I love Creation, I think he's a really cool guy and I would be an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to assist with moderation alongside him and the rest of the staff team.

✦ In your opinion, what would make you a good staff member?
I believe I fit the description for a "good staff member". I know how to handle different situations and keep my calm no matter what happens. I am good at being professional, but also not too strict. I am also able to admit my mistakes (that is, if I make any) and learn from it. I would say that I am mature, and I don't believe that I would fail to be a good staff member on ParallaxMC.

✦ How active can you be on ParallaxMC?
As said in "what would you struggle with as a staff member", I do have school. I am able to be active all day on weekends. Weekdays are a bit tricky though. If I were to guess, I would say that I can be online 4+ hours everyday.


✦ If denied, do you agree not to argue with the decision? Why is this important?
I do agree. This is important because it shows that I am mature and that I am able to take "no" as an answer. It also proves that if I ask someone to do something on the server and they say no, that I won't whine about it at them and be an annoying staff member.

✦ Do you agree not to ask staff to review your application? Why is this important?
I do agree. This is important because it can show my patience levels. Being patient is a really important role in being a good staff member. If I were to ask somebody over and over to review my application, it would show nothing except that I am impatient and clearly would not be fit for the role.

✦ If accepted, do you agree to follow your responsibilities and duties? Why is this important?
Absolutely. This is very important because not only is it my job to be responsible as a staff member, but it can also show my ability to keep promises and not lie. If I say that I will be a good staff member in the application, then I have to follow through with that promise and be a good staff member on ParallaxMC.

Edit: Updated my discord name because I changed it.
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X Randomness

Staff member
Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to apply!
Secondly, I would like to inform you that your application has been Accepted for Interview.
Please message X Randomness#6801 on Discord to plan your interview.
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