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The last few months have been an exciting time for parallax. We are finally back up and running and have seen some very positive feedback from the community and we are excited to be able to continue Parallax's legacy and build off and improve it.

Let's start with something more important than the changes that we will get to.
Who am I?
I am Save or Austin I am the new owner here at Parallax I will be owning it alongside @Creation and working on various updates and other stuff. If you have any questions feel free to ask me on discord or send me a DM here on the forums and I'll answer as soon as I can! I look forward to getting to know you all better and taking parallax to greater heights!

What updates can we expect?

I have various updates planned the first and probably most exciting one will be Prison! Parallax hasn't had a live prison server since 2017 so I am really excited to bring my own style of prison back to Parallax and hope you guys will enjoy playing it when it goes live!

Skyblock will still be getting it's planned reset on January 2nd, 2020, our main focus for resetting skyblock will be major performance improvements as currently, it's performance it's pretty bad. With these performance improvements, we will also be updating a bunch of stuff behind the scenes along with an entirely new skyblock core which will make updating the server much easier so we can bring you new and exciting content!

Survival has seen very few people playing it. As such it will undergo a reset and revamp shortly after skyblock does. We will be holding various polls in discord as that time grows closer to figure out what YOU the community thinks we should turn it into.

Creative has seen very few if any players as such shortly after skyblock 2.0 goes live it will be taken offline. We feel the resources it currently uses could be used elsewhere. We may bring it back sometime in the future if it's requested enough however we feel taking it down is the best possible choice currently.

We have seen the requests from you guys about KitPvP don't worry we aren't going to leave you hanging. KitPvP will be coming just we don't know when yet. We will hopefully have more information for this after the first of the year. If you have any suggestions be sure to let us know so we can make it the best it can possibly be!

As many of you know or probably noticed the forums don't really get used all that often. I plan to change that! We will be moving various aspects of our discord server to the forums including many official announcements from us. Discord will be moving towards community-based instead of a random assortment of things.

I hope you guys are excited about the future of parallax we have many updates in progress and coming sooner than you may think!

~ ParallaxMC Management Team​

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