Theboss2313 Introduction


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Now what your about to read might sound a bit strange. Throughout this post, this introduction I will be speaking to you as you read these words of this screen as if I am talking to you directly.

A bit about me. My name is Ryan I am 19 years old and like many my age I attend university. I live in the southern part of the United States. As a result it has become habitual for me to use phrases such as “y'all instead of you all or “yer” instead of your. I might also slip and say reckon which means to think. I am a moderately lax person I inform others when they need me.

However, I am not a pushover. I am caring and kind but I will not tolerate disrespect. Now don’t get me wrong I like to banter and by god am I excited to compete against all of ye eager folk. But I would ask that you respect me and others within the server.

I know emotions can get the better of us sometimes. As staff I don’t, but as a player I used to curse every now and again on the server nothing vulgar or anything of that nature. I get it, but there is a line between chill slip ups and being vulgar. I am not your bro not your best friend who is 100% ok with you acting a particular way and as such will not hesitate to do my job effectively.

I’m not a strict person nor are my actions unjustified. I document all of the evidence I have against someone before examining the guidelines to go about punishing them.

I would rather not do that. I would rather have fun with you all as a community. I want the environment to be friendly and non toxic for all. This is achievable when we hold respect for others. Now I’m sure your thinking as I’m thinking now, this is most definitely a lot of words to have read.

If anything at all, know this. I enjoy being here with y’all. It’s both fun and interesting. Be it the interesting suggestions you make. To the wacky things you might post as memes. All the way down to problems you have reported to me. I value and appreciate you all for coming here and making it interesting. Thank you.

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