NEWS Skyblock Season Three


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I am happy to finally announce the release date for our third season of skyblock! This season like many others has many updates and improvements based on feedback from the previous season. You can see a full change-log below.

Along with all the changes we are going to be lowering the prices on a bunch of items on our store so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Skyblock Season Three will release on:
February 15th, at 2 pm CST or 3 pm EST
Change Log:
  • Removed island upgrades.
  • Removed LeaderBoards.
  • Removed Collectors.
  • Removed island level placeholders in chat.
  • Removed mob stacking.
  • New Spawn build.
  • Nether Islands.
  • More items to mob coins.
  • Ability to use [item] in chat.
  • Fixed an issue where islands would start with some worth.
  • Redesigned the scoreboard.
  • Redesigned the color scheme.
  • Redesigned the enchantment menu.

As always we hope you guys are enjoying the server so far and look forward to bringing you new and exciting updates!

~ ParallaxMC Management​
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