IMPORTANT Server Rules & Guidelines

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Below is a list of rules and guidelines you are expected to follow while playing on our network.

General Rules:
- You can not spam or flood the chat.
- You can not harass or disrespect others.
- You can not swear excessively. It is okay in small amounts.
- You can not threaten to DDoS, Dox, Swat, etc
- You can not encourage the breaking of these rules.
- You can not Impersonate others.
- You can not advertise other servers or your social media.
- You can not use an inappropriate name.
- You can not post an inappropriate link, including anything NSFW.
- You can not be rude and or toxic to other players.
- You can not tag staff without a reason.
- You can not post any links that are not affiliated with ParallaxMC.
- You can not talk in other languages than the servers main language (English)
- You are allowed to have up to 5 alt accounts plus the main account.

AFK Mining:
If you are not at your computer holding down your mouse button it is considered AFK mining and is not allowed.

Joining another user's island with the intention to cause harm, steal ideas, or grief is not allowed and will lead to your account being banned and your stats being reset.

Damaging other player's builds, islands, or farms are not allowed and will lead to a ban on your account.

Duping items is not allowed duping can cause your account to be banned and your stats possibly being reset.

Paying money & giving items to an island with the purpose of raising their level/worth to compete for island top is not allowed and will lead to both party's island's being reset.
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