Ollie's Staff Application

About You:
✦ What is your in-game name?

✦ What is your Discord tag? (i.e Creation#4637)

✦ What is your timezone?
AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Timezone)

✦ How old are you?

✦ Do you have a working Discord mic?
Yes I do

✦ Can you speak any other languages?
I can only speak English and Indonesian

Staff Related Questions (Minimum of 3 sentences required):

✦ Do you have any past experience with staffing? Be detailed.
Yes I have got some previous staff experience. My past experience as a staff was on a currently shut down server called EvoPvP which now redirects to skycade. I was given many good responses as a Helper/Moderator from that server. That server

✦ What makes you stand out from other applicants?
Something that makes me stand out from other applicants is that if there's a problem I will try my hardest to solve it. Another thing that makes me stand out is that I may not be active all the time but when I am I'm more than likely fast to reply to stuff straight away. I'll more than likely be active 80% of the time.

✦ What do you believe makes a good staff member overall?
A good staff member is someone that is always there to help. Even if they aren't online they should still try to be online to the other members to the server/economy. Another reason to what makes a staff member, a good staff member is someone that is friendly and acknowledged by many people of the server.

✦ If you were accepted, what would you struggle with as a staff member?
If I were to be accepted as a staff member would being active during 9:00 am - 4:00 pm AEST time Monday through to Friday, because of school times. Another reason I would struggle with is with the Wi-Fi here where I live as it keeps going down. The last reason is being active because of the Australian Fires.

✦ Why would you like to be staff on ParallaxMC?
I would like to be staff on ParallaxMC because I have always been a member since 2013 and have wondered if I would ever be accepted as a staff member to help people out online. I have always known how most of the server works. The last reason I would like to a staff member on ParallaxMC is to make more people join the server again to get it's popularity back .

✦ In your opinion, what would make you a good staff member?
Something that would make me a good staff member, is that I'm kind and acknowledged to anyone that I meet. I am also very smart and I know my way around ParallaxMC. I am also a very well-known member from helping and joining other people on the skyblock and survival servers.

✦ How active can you be on ParallaxMC?
One way I can be active on ParallaxMC, is through the discord server on my phone and my laptop. The other way I can be active on ParallaxMC is through the server. I cannot be on the server from 9 am - 4 pm through to Monday - Friday because of upcoming schooling events.


✦ If denied, do you agree not to argue with the decision? Why is this important?
If I get denied, I can agree not to argue and accept the reasons why I get denied. This is important because I have always wanted to help out with the server.

✦ Do you agree not to ask staff to review your application? Why is this important?
I disagree with this question because I love to hear other people's opinions about what I do and how well/bad it's done.

✦ If accepted, do you agree to follow your responsibilities and duties? Why is this important?
Yes, I agree to follow and respect my responsibilities and duties with all care because I am a very responsible person to trust to get all of their duties completed.
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