My staff application

What is your in-game name?

✦ What is your Discord tag?

✦ What is your timezone?

✦ How old are you?

✦ Do you have a working microphone that works with Discord?

✦ Can you speak any other languages?
German and English

Staff Related Questions?
✦ Do you have any past experience with staffing? Be detailed.
I was on oceanrealm staff for a long time and got to moderator.

✦ What makes you stand out from other applicants?
That I can talk german and can be online when Americans can’t.

✦ What do you believe makes a good staff member overall?
That he is online and helps people. He also needs to know what he has to do when he needs to do things like punishments.

✦ If you were accepted, what would you struggle with as a staff member?
I can’t tell very good if someone is using an autoclicker, so I would have trouble with punishing them.

✦ Why would you like to be staff on ParallaxMC?
Because I like the community of ParallaxMC and I really like the serversystem.

✦ In your opinion, what would make you a good staff member?
That I am very calm even in hard situations and I like helping people when ever I can.

✦ How active can you be on ParallaxMC?
I can play like 2-3 hours daily and on weekends longer.
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