ACCEPTED Charlie Newsome's Staff Application

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About You:

✦ What is your in-game name?
My In-Game name is currently: CharlieNewsome21

✦ What is your Discord tag? (i.e Creation#4637)

My Discord tag is CharlieN89#7211

✦ What is your timezone?

My timezone is GMT+0

✦ How old are you?
15 years old

✦ Do you have a working Discord mic?
Yeah works fine

✦ Can you speak any other languages?

I cannot speak other languages apart from English

Staff Related Questions (Minimum of 3 sentences required):

✦ Do you have any past experience with staffing? Be detailed.
I haven't previously been staff on a server before but i understand what i need to do.

✦ What makes you stand out from other applicants?
I know the server and the community well as well as they know me well im very friendly with the other players i know what not to do and what to do if there was ever a situation i would act calm and respect both people which leads me onto another point im very respectable although i do not tolerate people that break the rules even the slightest the rules are there for a reason and they shouldn't be broken in any way shape or form.

✦ What do you believe makes a good staff member overall?

I believe a good staff member has to be on most of the time know the rules and the community well, what to do in stressful situations how to properly punish people how to stay calm know whats best what to do if there is a problem as well as the trust that the community gives you as a staff member.

✦ If you were accepted, what would you struggle with as a staff member?

To be completely honest i wouldn't struggle with anything that would challenge me as a staff member.

✦ Why would you like to be staff on ParallaxMC?

I would like to be staff is because i dont always see alot of staff on as well as i love this server and the community and i would love to help everybody in it.

✦ In your opinion, what would make you a good staff member?

I would be a good staff member because im always on as well as i would know how to handle every situation with the punishments required if needed im also always active on discord and always trying to fix things and suggest things on the discord to help the server i also have pickaxechat so i can see the chat while away to help or if it was another issue react with the proper punishment like a warning.

✦ How active can you be on ParallaxMC?

I can be very active most days depends if im doing anything with my family but i would most likely be on the server all the time.


✦ If denied, do you agree not to argue with the decision? Why is this important?
Yes i agree to not argue with any staff who may have denied me as that would show that i would be immature and would not be a good staff member and it would show that i cant handle a bad situation like begin denied.

✦ Do you agree not to ask staff to review your application? Why is this important?
Yes i agree with not to ask staff to review my application as this would show that i cannot handle a slow situation and would show that i can be impatient.
✦ If accepted, do you agree to follow your responsibilities and duties? Why is this important?
Yes i agree to follow my duties and responsibilities this is important as it shows that i can handle begin in charge with things such as staff and the perms it gives which would be wrong to disobey the duties and responsibilities.

X Randomness

Staff member
Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to apply!
Secondly, I would like to inform you that your application has been Accepted for Interview.
Please message X Randomness#6801 on Discord to plan your interview.
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