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    Patch Notes [December 24th - 30th, 2020]

    Skyblock: Fixed an issue where users couldn't access crate settings Increased the number of items a hopper will move. Disabled collisions between players. Added gold nuggets to collectors Minor performance improvements.
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    Patch Notes (December 22nd - 24th, 2020)

    Skyblock: Adjusted some more prices in shop. [See the list below] Added an ender pearl cooldown Added raw foods to the collectors. Fixed an issue where Senior Moderator was not sorted correctly in the tab list Increased the hopper speed from 8 items to 16 items. Shop Prices: Sell Prices...
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    IMPORTANT Server Rules & Guidelines

    Below is a list of rules and guidelines you are expected to follow while playing on our network. General Rules: - You can not spam or flood the chat. - You can not harass or disrespect others. - You can not swear excessively. It is okay in small amounts. - You can not threaten to DDoS, Dox...
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    Patch Notes (December 20th - 21st, 2020)

    Skyblock: Fixed an issue where users could teleport while in combat. Fixed an issue where Eclipse rank couldn't use the lime green chat color. Fixed an issue where crates would prompt users to reroll. Fixed an issue where /discord didn't display the correct information. Fixed an issue where...
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    Patch Notes (December 18th - 19th, 2020)

    Skyblock: Fixed an issue where some users would get stuck in various crate menus. Fixed an issue where users couldn't use /xpbottle. Fixed an issue where Eclipse rank couldn't change their nickname. Fixed an issue where enchantment books would sometimes disappear. Fixed an incorrect release...
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    NEWS Skyblock Season One

    Greetings everyone, Today I am happy to finally announce our first season of skyblock! There is a lot of information we have to get through so let's get started. Be sure to read until the end for some information on prison and future gamemodes. SKYBLOCK SEASON ONE RELEASES ON December 18th, at...
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    IMPORTANT Allowed & Disallowed Modifications.

    Below is a list of all the different types of modifications we allow and the ones we don't allow. Allowed Modifications: Schematica (Printer is not allowed.) Badlion Client Optifine Status Effect HUD Armor Status HUD Toggle Sprint Banned Modifications: Printer Hacked Clients Ghost Clients...
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    FORMAT Helper Application Format

    REQUIREMENTS: ✦ Must be at least 14 years of age. ✦ Must not have received punishment on the server within the last two weeks. ✦ Be honest, if caught lying your application will be immediately denied. ✦ Do not ask the staff team to review your application. If caught doing so you will be...
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    FORMAT Bug Report Format

    BUG REPORT FORMAT ✦ What is the bug/glitch on ParallaxMC that you are reporting? ✦ How can we recreate this bug so our administration team can test it out? ✦ Evidence/Video (IF POSSIBLE): ✦ Anything else you would like to add?
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