NEWS Skyblock Season Three

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I am happy to finally announce the release date for our third season of skyblock! This season like many others has many updates and improvements based on feedback from the previous season. You can see a full change-log below.

Along with all the changes we are going to be lowering the prices on a bunch of items on our store so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Skyblock Season Three will release on:
February 15th, at 2 pm CST or 3 pm EST
Change Log:
  • Removed island upgrades.
  • Removed LeaderBoards.
  • Removed Collectors.
  • Removed island level placeholders in chat.
  • Removed mob stacking.
  • New Spawn build.
  • Nether Islands.
  • More items to mob coins.
  • Ability to use [item] in chat.
  • Fixed an issue where islands would start with some worth.
  • Redesigned the scoreboard...

NEWS Survival Release

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Today I am happy to announce the return of our Survival server!

Survival will be releasing
February 8th, at 2 pm EST

Survival will be running 1.13.2 natively with support up to 1.15.2 and down to 1.8.8. We will also be running at 70% off sale on our store

We hope to see everyone there, and we will also be posting some more information about prison in the coming weeks.

~ ParallaxMC Management​

Maintenance Change-Logs

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Here are the majority of the updates we did during the maintenance we had these last two weeks.
  • Updated our permissions system to a new version.
  • Updated prices on the webstore.
  • Added an unlimited sell-wand to the store.
  • Various performance updates in the lobby.
  • Removed Nightvision from the lobby.
  • Fixed some incorrect branding in the lobby.
  • Added a Captcha.
  • Removed opskyblock from the scoreboard.
  • Added coming soon labels to Survival & Creative.

As usual, we are always taking your suggestions into consideration when we are doing updates on the networks so be sure to keep those suggestions coming!​

Skyblock Season Two + Misc Updates

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It's been a busy few weeks since our last update post which if you haven't read it yet I suggest you do here so let's get onto the updates!

Let's start with the coolest update by far! That is the release date for Skyblock Season 2

Skyblock season two will release on:
December 28th at 2 pm EST or 2 pm CST

Skyblock Season Two
Skyblock 2.0 is our second season of skyblock. Which will have many improvements from the current season which I will list below:
  • A huge amount of performance improvements
  • Removed the OP aspect of the server I will explain why below.
  • Rebalanced crates and remove some.
  • Redesigned mob coins instead of a key there will be an actual shop with updating items.
  • Rebalanced economy.
  • Removed minions.

Why remove the OP aspect?
Many plugins have limitations which in normal...

NEWS Updates and More!

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The last few months have been an exciting time for parallax. We are finally back up and running and have seen some very positive feedback from the community and we are excited to be able to continue Parallax's legacy and build off and improve it.

Let's start with something more important than the changes that we will get to.
Who am I?
I am Save or Austin I am the new owner here at Parallax I will be owning it alongside @Creation and working on various updates and other stuff. If you have any questions feel free to ask me on discord or send me a DM here on the forums and I'll answer as soon as I can! I look forward to getting to know you all better and taking parallax to greater heights!

What updates can we expect?

I have various updates planned the first and probably most exciting one will be Prison! Parallax hasn't had a live prison server since 2017 so I am really excited to...


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